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Depot No. 803 Daily Face Moisturizer 50ml

$ 29.95 AUD

Depot No. 803 Daily Face Moisturizer strengthens the face's natural defenses, nourishes the skin, and gives it balance without feeling greasy to help bring out the radiance of dull skin. It works to prevent skin dryness and was developed for male skin.

Our high quality face moisturisers will help you:
  • Achieve soft, smooth and supple skin: moisturising daily replenishes the moisture lost throughout the day
  • Prevent moisture loss: restore and maintain the skin's protective barrier to keep moisture in
  • Reduce the damage and dry skin brought on by daily life: a huge range of factors including weather, air conditioning, as well as your regular washing routine can dry out the skin
  • Protect living cells beneath the skin from pollution, poisons, and other harmful environmental factors

Size: 50ml

How to Use:
Apply to cleansed face and neck and massage until completely absorbed.

Hyaluronic acid, a film-forming agent that binds, withholds and gradually releases great quantities of water onto the skin. It counteracts water loss through the skin and contributes to keeping the skin hydrated, with a healthy and youthful appearance
Glycosaminoglycans, long molecules that have a positive influence on the hydration of the skin and supports the biological action of the hyaluronic acid
Baobab derived active ingredient, specifically developed for male skin, it helps to improve elasticity and tone, giving skin a fresh and youthful appearance
Rice oil, emollient and nourishing
Soy oil, emollient and nourishing
Sunflower oil, emollient and nourishing, it has a protective action due to its antioxidant vitamin E content
Sorbitol, a humectant, it support the hydration of the skin preventing dehydration and dryness, it conditions the skin
Vitamin E derivative, antioxidant
UV filter, it contributes to protecting the skin from damage caused by UV rays.