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        This term is used to describe how your Razor will shave.
        "Shave Profile" is a reference to a combination of:

        • Blade Gap - measured between the Cutting edge of the blade and the razor guard.
        • Blade Exposure - measured by how far the blade extends past the protective plates.
        safety razor - shave profile
        Blade Gap + Blade Exposure = Shave Profile ~ and is displayed as a value out of 10

        • 1/10 being the Minimum Gap & Blade Exposure. 
          • The smaller the blade exposure the milder the shave, with less risk of nicks. Good for quick shave and a younger beard.
        • 10/10 being the Maximum Gap & Blade Exposure.
          • The larger the blade exposure the more emphasis on technique is required but the shave will be closer and better with tough beards.


        For a great shave that's close, select a Safety Razor with Minimal Shave Profile ( Min: 1-3/10). Any Safety Razor that has the Mellon Head is a great choice.
        Once you have developed good technique a Safety Razor with a Medium Shave Profile ( Medium: 4-6/10) will give you an even closer shave.

        The higher Shave Profile heads are rarely sold as a complete razors. But thankfully we have a select few, or you can purchase these heads and fit them onto your existing handles.