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        vegan shaving brushes

        Vegan shaving brushes are slowly becoming the most popular type of shaving brush, especially with those new to wet shaving.

        A Vegan shaving brush is made from synthetic fibres instead of animal hair. In the last few years the technology and craft involved in making synthetic fibres has improved so much. 

        Browse Vegan Shaving Brushes

        Now in 2021, Synthetic fibre shaving brushes offer most of the favoured characteristics of natural hair brushes. They are soft, have good water retention and possess great backbone.

        Browse Vegan Shaving Brushes

        Both YAQI & OUMO have become leaders in making these Synthetic Shaving Brushes. You can browse their ranges here.

        YAQI Vegan Shaving Brushes

        OUMO Vegan Shaving Brushes