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        shaving brush backbone


        YAQI & OUMO create Synthetic brushes with excellent backbone.
        It's a foundation of a great shave.

        The backbone of a brush describes the brushes overall ability to withstand pressure. A shaving brush with “Good Backbone” will resist more before it collapses and splays out. Good Backbone is handy for a number of reasons:

        • Helps to exfoliate your skin and stand your bristles up ready for a close shave.
        • Helps when whipping up your lather in your bowl (more resistance = more lather). Even more important if you are face latherer.
        • Gives longevity to the brush.

        Experience & Expertise
        "Backbone" is a combination of all the characteristics of a brush knot, including;

        G5 Backbone:
        The new G5 synthetic knots have improved backbone, splay & an incredible natural feel with elongated tips. Check out our range of G5 Synthetic Shaving Brushes.

        More Infomation:

        Shaving Brush Knot Diameter/Size

        Shaving Brush Handle Size

        Shaving Brush Knot Length - Loft

        Also how the knot is set in the handle will influence the "Backbone"
        This is an area of expertise that YAQI & OUMO has developed over decades.
        Having the knot correctly set into the handle has a big influence on Backbone.

        Experience & Expertise = Quality Shaving Brushes.

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