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        “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”- Andy Warhol -

        If change is in the wind for you and your shaving routine, there are basically two ways to go about it.

        1. Throw Caution to the Wind

        If you are a "boots n all" kinda person and just want to jump on in and change your shaving routine completely, then take a deep breath and start shopping.

        Treat yourself to a lovely new Safety DE Razor. (DE stands for Double Edge), you'll need a beautiful new Shaving Brush and some Shaving Cream. Don't forget the Razor Blades, you'll just love how cheap they are compared to the massively overpriced over engineered plastic disposable razor heads. If you want the complete set a Stand and a Shaving Bowl will round it off nicely.

        OR - We have done the hard work of choosing for you and you can SAVE 20%

        SAVE on our Shaving Gift Sets

        2. Keep using the Razor you have

        Just start by getting a Shaving Brush. This will introduce you to the wonderful world of brushes and shaving creams while not being too intimidated by using a new safety razor.

        Browse Shaving Brushes

        Enjoy the wet shaving journey

        Don't worry too much about your initial choices. You really cannot make a bad mistake from our range. However if this is your first time with a Safety Razor, we would recommend starting with a safety razor that has a mild head.

        Razors with a mild head

        Choosing a Safety Razor

        Choosing a Shaving Brush