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Getting Started with Wet Shaving

“They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to
change them yourself.”

- Andy Warhol -
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If change is in the wind for you and your shaving routine,
there are basically two ways to go about it.

1. Throw Caution to the Wind

If you are a "boots n all" kinda person and just want to jump on in and change your shaving routine completely, then take a deep breathe and start shopping. treat yourself to a lovely new Safety DE Razor. (DE stands for Double Edge), you'll need a beautiful new Shaving Brush and some Shaving Cream. Don't forget the Razor Blades, you'll just love how cheap they are compared to the massively overpriced over engineered plastic razor heads. If you want the complete set a Stand and a Shaving Bowl will round it off nicely. 

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2. Keep using the Razor you have

and just start by getting a Shaving Brush. This will introduce you to the wonderful world of brushes and shaving creams while not being too intimidated by using a new safety razor.

Shaving Brushes on SALE

Enjoy the wet shaving journey

Don't worry too much about your initial choices. You really cannot make a bad mistake from our range. However if this is your first time with a Safety Razor,
we would recommend starting with a safety razor that has a Mellon Head.

Razors with a good beginners head:

Choosing a Shaving Brush


Great seller and the best products

Grace razor not only looks good it shaves even better, weight is just right handle feels nice and grips well. Service received from this site is always reliable and quick. Love the products.


This razor is a wonderful piece of engineering

so beautiful, efficient, and superb finish, I have become a fan of Yaqi, and I would strongly recommend that one shouldn't waste money on costly razors, rather go for Yaqi, I think Yaqi is even better than Edwin Jagger, Merkur, and Muhale. This is my 3rd Yaqi razor /head and I am not able to find any flaw in any of them, packing needs to be upgraded. really thankful.
Ani Anderson

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