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        Welcome to
        The Wet Shaving Co.

        You are here on the back of your own inquisitiveness.

        We do no paid advertising.

        Just good old organic fate
         and word of mouth brought you here.
        Thank you for following the scent.

        The savings have been passed on in our prices.
        A Great Deal
        User tested ~ Always evolving.

        I am David.

        I'm the guy who spends too much time looking for new products and researching details that most wouldn't care about. I have assembled a range of products that are well researched, well tested & well reviewed. I'm a wet shaver. It's one of my hobbies.

        I enjoy its' relaxing, grounding effect. It reminds me that it's worth looking after myself properly, part of my daily routine where I can take my time and pay attention to the details. Very Zen...

        I'm also enjoy web design, marketing, designing, photographing, gardening and admiring; great architecture, product design, Japanese gardens & yummy food. So you can kind of see how all this came to be...

        Thank you for visiting my store.

        This is my collection of the products that i believe represent great value for money and a higher than expected level of quality.

        We are distributors for:
        YAQI Shaving (Safety Razors & Shaving Brushes)
        OUMO Shaving (Artisan Shaving Brushes)
        GOLD DOLLAR Shaving (Straight Razors)
        PEARL Shaving (Safety Razors & Accessories)
        LANKSY Shaving (Safety Razors & Shaving Brushes)

        WHY BUY FROM US?

        We are not a big company, we are small. We care about every customer.
        If you need help choosing, I'm here.
        If you need help with your order, I'm here.
        We are not immune from error, though we try our best and will always fix an issue in a way that will do more than satisfy you.

        I like happy customers.

        With no paid advertising I have to rely on good old word of mouth. Providing good products and good prices along with great customer service keeps us both happy. 

        If you like hearing about interesting new products and get first hit at specials then please do subscribe below to our award winning newsletter.  We are currently looking for new products in these categories:
        🔜  CNC Safety Razor Handles
        🔜  Australian Artisan Shaving Soaps
        🔜  Leather Strops
        🔜  Butterfly Safety Razors
        🔜  Adjustable Safety Razors
        I love hearing about quality wet shaving products, if you have one that you'd like to sell here, then I'd love to hear from you.