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        Which Shaving Brush is best for me?

        Which Shaving Brush is best for you?

        Simply put, if this is your first brush, don't panic, you really can't go too wrong.

        The best shaving brush for you can be simply based on price, the look, size or anything else because all our shaving brushes are quality. Above all though pick one that resonates with you. In time you will discover shaving brush attributes like the knot diameter, knot height (LOFT), it's "backbone" and the handle length and how they influence how a brush performs.

        My Top 4 Shaving Brushes Anatomy of a Shaving Brush

        Originally all shaving brushes were made from natural animal hair such as Badger, Horse & Boar. More recently Synthetic shaving brushes have become very popular due to the reduced cost, easy to look after, being animal friendly and most importantly they perform great. Check out the latest G5 Synthetics Shaving Brushes that blur the lines between synthetic & natural hair.

        In time you will become better tuned into which shaving brush will compliment your individual style of shaving. It is common to own many shaving brushes.

        If you plan to make your lather in a bowl then ensure you go for a shaving brush with good backbone. If you plan to face lather then a shaving brush that has a larger knot (length) and is "floppier" is best suited.

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        OMEGA Boar Hair Shaving Brush Classic No.39 OMEGA Boar Hair Shaving Brush Classic No.39
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