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Yaqi White Knight Synthetic Shaving Brush 30mm

$ 24.95 AUD

Yaqi White Knight Synthetic Shaving Brush is an amazing value for money brush and you cannot go wrong with. The classic shaped handle offers many grip options and the Large 30mm Boss synthetic knot is a great soft knot with plenty of backbone.


  • Lather with ease: boss knot has a natural and effortless splay, while high water retention of the large knot makes lathering a breeze
  • Great for shaving the head and body: large knot size allows you to cover a these areas quickly

30mm Synthetic Hair Boss Knot
Handle Material: Resin
Brush Knot Diameter: 30mm (+/-1mm)
Loft size: 59mm (+/-1mm)
Handle height: 56mm (+/-1mm)
Widest part of the Handle Diameter: 45mm (+/-1mm)


A shaving brush with a synthetic fibre knot is very easy to look after.

The knot will only need to be flick dried after each use, hanging the brush upside down will also assist in keeping it dry but it is not as important as with natural hair brushes.

Just treat the brush with care and avoid extremes in heat. If stored on its side, it is possible for the fibres to be "bent" if they remain in that position for a long period of time.


Wooden Handle Brushes:

If your brush has a wooden handle some extra care should be taken.

  • Dry your brush handle with a towel after each use
  • Ideally, store your brush hanging with the knot down, until the knot has dried.
  • Never leave your brush in the shower if that is where you shave.
  • Never leave your brush soaking in water for an unnecessary amount of time.
  • Use a wood wax on the handle as needed.

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