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Straight Razors - Gold Dollar

Gold Dollar razors have long been the most popular Straight Razor from China. With over 30yrs manufacturing experience they have developed a range of Straight Razors and Scissors that offer exceptional value for money.

Gold Dollar Straight Razors are a great way for those new to straight razor shaving to get started. The unavoidable maintenance that is required to use a straight razor is not hard to learn, but does require a level of patience and commitment to master. To assist, our range of Gold Dollar razors have been modified to make honing simpler. The Stabiliser has been removed and the blade honed with Japanese sharpening stones to a 8K grit. This level of honing is called “Shave Ready” though it may not be shave ready for tougher beards and seasoned honers, so it may require further honing to match your needs before use.

Gold Dollar Straight razors, because of their quality & affordability, are great for beginners to learn. The quality of steel used ensure they will last you a lifetime and provide a quality sharp edge for you as your honing skills progress.

Both the Gold Dollar Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Straight razors are tempered to the same hardness, between 58-60 HRC. This is a perfect hardness for a blade that gets regular use.

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