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Shaving Brushes

Our collection of shaving brushes holds some of the world's best craftmanship combined with incredible design. Badger Shaving Brushes are crafted using tried & tested traditional techniques that retain the hairs natural oils and highlight the natural characteristics of premium selected shaving brush hair. We stock an excellent quality range of Synthetic Shaving Brushes that provide exceptional performance and easy maintenance. The right shaving brush will choose you - the look, the feel, the experience, the story.

Shaving Brushes


Product type
Knot Diameter
On the Skin
Shaving Brush Knot
Best For Shaving
Brush Handle Material
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YAQI Synthetic Shaving Brush RAINBOW

1 review
$ 19.95 AUD $ 24.95 AUD
Save 17%
YAQI Synthetic Shaving Brush AQUA
$ 24.95 AUD $ 29.95 AUD
Save 12%
Save 18%
YAQI Badger Shaving Brush BARBER
$ 44.95 AUD $ 54.95 AUD
Save 27%
Save 20%
Save 27%
Save 29%
Save 30%
YAQI Synthetic Shaving Brush PANDI
$ 18.95 AUD $ 26.95 AUD
Sold Out
Save 23%
YAQI Synthetic Shaving Brush JANUS
$ 22.95 AUD $ 29.95 AUD
Save 29%
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