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2Band Badger Hair Shaving Brushes

Coarser, springier hair with a relatively soft tip. The finest selection of 100% 2Band Badger hair, traditionally formed, tied, pruned, glued & trimmed. Great backbone with consistent long soft tips that will age and bloom wonderfully.

Within the 2Band Badger category we also stock Manchuria & LotusTip brushes that have modified tips for an even more luxurious experience.

2Band Badger Hair Shaving Brushes


Product type
Knot Diameter
On the Skin
Shaving Brush Knot
Best For Shaving
Brush Handle Material
Save 18%
YAQI Badger Shaving Brush BARBER
$ 44.95 AUD $ 54.95 AUD
Save 33%
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