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Safety Razors

Safety razors are made to deliver a precise, less irritable shave that is more sustainable, economical and enjoyable than modern multi-blade razors. Safety razors come in both Double Edge (DE) where both sides can be used or Single Edge (SE). Our collection of safety razors is hand-tested and reviewed to bring you the best in the world of shaving.

Safety Razors
YAQI Adjustable DE Safety Razor - The Final Cut

9 reviews
From $ 52.95 AUD
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YAQI The Final Cut Safety Razor Brass

3 reviews
$ 189.95 AUD
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YAQI DE Safety Razor CLASSIC SC - Black

3 reviews
$ 29.95 AUD
YAQI SC Safety Razor EDEN SS

6 reviews
$ 39.95 AUD

4 reviews
From $ 19.95 AUD $ 24.95 AUD
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