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YAQI Safety Razor Handle NOMAD 70mm/55g

$ 14.95 AUD

1 review

The YAQI Short Handled Nomad is a great handle for those like prefer a shorter handle with a great straight knurl grip. This is a one piece handle.

Head NOT Included.


Handle Material: Brass
Handle Length: 70mm
Handle Diameter: 12mm
Total weight: approx 55g
Fits all YAQI Heads and most modern heads from other suppliers - made to fit M5X0.8 thread size.

Like most of your tools, a safety razor will perform better and last longer the better you look after it. Dissembling the razor and cleaning with an old toothbrush is recommended, the more the better. A soak in highly diluted vinegar will work wonders also.

It is also recommended to take out the razor blade after each shave, this will release any build up of soap and stubble. Having a magnet handy is a great way to keep your razor blades between shaves.

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