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DE Safety Razor Range

A DE Safety Razor is by far the best way to shave. Not only is shaving with a DE Safety razor more economical, it's also a better shave and better for your skin.
DE Safety Razors

De safety Razors for Regular Users

Once you have become familiar with the technique required to shave with a DE Safety Razor we recommend these DE Razors that offer something a little more aggressive that may suit your style.

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DE Safety Razors for Beginners

New to DE Safety Razors?
Exciting times! Welcome, here is our list of recommended DE Safety Razors. They are more forgiving and will be your friend while you acclimatise.

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Travel De Safety Razors

Once you have shaved with a DE Safety Razor you are very unlikely to ever want to shave with anything else. So when you are on the road you'll want to be taking your razor with you.

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Ladies De Safety Razors

Quick and easy with great protection and low running costs is a very appealing solution to most women. Our selection is tailored to give the best all round shave regardless of what body area you are shaving.

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De razors perfect for body shaving

Economical, environmentally friendly & skin friendly. You better believe it. Less in-growing hairs & less skin irritation. Body shave with a DE Safety Razor.

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SE Safety Razors

You might also be interest in our range of SE Safety Razors. Single edge safety razors use a half DE razor blade, or in the case of our popular RASTER SE Safety Razor it uses an "Artist Club Style Blabe" which is wider at 50mm, compared to a DE Blade which is 37mm.

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