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Safety Razor Heads

The head for your 3 piece safety razor is interchangeable. Threaded with an M5 thread, these heads fit all the handles we sell plus you will also find that they fit 95% of mainstream brands. It's a great way to change your shave without having to splash out the hefty dollars.
New AKARI SS razor head

New AKARI 316 SS

AKA The Tile.
The new AKARI Head has a very small blade exposure. The uniquely shaped head gives a very close, yet irritation free, shave & is perfect for everyday shavers.

Level 5-6/10

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New Telstar SS shaving de head

New Telstar

The Telstar has a traditional safety bar plate with a slightly larger blade gap that makes it perfect for thicker stubble or for mowing through a few days growth.

Now available in your choice of 316 Stainless Steel or Zinc Alloy.

Level 6-7/10

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New Mercury

This new head is perfect, with super easy blade loading that holds the blade very securely and accurately with no blade 'chatter' in use.

Level 5/10

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Mellon - Double Open Comb

Mellon - Double Open Comb

The Double Open Comb head is a super smooth shaver and gives a close efficient shave. The open top plate creates a great lather buffer between the blade & your skin.

Level 1-2/10

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 scalloped safety bar head


The scalloped safety bar allows more stubble to be exposed to the blade than the Mellon, making it more efficient for longer or thicker stubble. Considered a great all rounder and perfect for first timers.

Level 5-6/10

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 cobbled safety bar head


A variation to the same theme as the Scalloped head, the Cobbled head is a slightly less aggressive head that is again perfect for first timers.

Level 4-5/10

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flipside de sfaety razor head


A novel idea combining two styles of safety bar (Scalloped and open comb) on the one head, giving you the option turn the head and get a slightly different shave.

Level 3-4 5-6/10

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Traditional Open Comb razor head

Traditional Open Comb

A traditional head that has the open comb bottom plate, exposing more stubble to the blade. It provides a very safe shave that most find to be smooth and not too close.

Level 3-4/10

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slant de razor head


If your technique is good and you like to feel the blade when you shave then the SLANT is a great option. Not recommended for first timers unless patience is one of your virtues.

Level 9/10

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The Beast Razor Head

The Beast

Very similar to the SLANT but without the twist. The Beast is an official stubble muncher. It'll plough through the toughest stubble.

Level 8-9/10

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The grill Razor Head


Lots of blade exposure and a modern open comb top plate make the GRILL an aggressive shaver. Take your time with this one.

Level 9/10

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single edge safety razor head

Single Edge - Artist club

The wider blades of the artist club style razor give a different shave experience that has become very popular. The thinner head is also great and getting into those difficult areas around the nose & mouth.

Level 7/10

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single edge se head

Single Edge - Half DE

This single edge head takes half DE razor blades and gives a very close shave without being overly aggressive.

Level 6-7/10

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Shaving is a very personal experience and as such our appraisals are subjective. Everyone will have a different experience, depending on their skin, beard type, razor blade used etc. These specifications are as a guide only.

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