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YAQI Safety Razors

YAQI Safety Razors

Affordable, Engineered for Balance & Efficiency
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YAQI have an extensive range of both DE (Double Edged) & SE (Single Edge) Safety Razors to suit all levels of wet shaver.

For the experienced hand YAQI excels

the EDEN SS GrillKATANA SE & GLOBETROTTER Slant all boast aggressive razor heads that will plough through tough stubble & heavy growth.

For those new to using a Safety Razor we recommend;

EDEN SS Mellon, GODZILLA Mellon, ROLLING STONE Mellon, STAMFORD Mellon & GRACE Mellon. All these razors come with a MELLON DOC Head, this head is a perfect starter shaving head, it's forgiving yet still efficient enough to knick you if your technique is off. The best way to learn!!!

For those with some experience YAQI also excels.

The Closed Comb SC & CB Shave Heads. "SC" refers to the Scalloped Guard & "CB" to a Cobbled Guard. These Heads provide a medium level aggressiveness and feature on a wide range of YAQI handles.

Importantly when deciding on a Safety Razor note that all the YAQI Razor Heads are interchangeable. You can buy any of the YAQI Safety Razor Heads and try different combinations to get the perfect shave.

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