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Why is the G5 Synthetic So Good?

Why is the G5 Synthetic So Good?

Say hi to the G5, the latest generation of synthetic fibres for shaving brushes have truly started to blur the lines between synthetic & natural hair shaving brushes. 

Synthetic fibres were already an exceptional alternative to Badger Hair, they offered back bone and held a lather really well. They are relatively maintenance free and they are super affordable. So how could it get even better?

G5 Synthetic shaving brush


The G5 synthetic shaving knot has an enhanced fibre profile to produce a fibre that is soft to touch. When packed in high density knots the fibres have great backbone and will give a gentle natural scratchy feel.

"it feels like the hair has it's own natural oils like a badger brush."

Further more:

  • the G5 fibres clump similar to a badger hair brush when wet.
  • The water retention is outstanding.

"The best way to describe it is to imagine a synthetic mixed with a badger hair brush 40/60." That's how good they are.

The way you will experience a knots 'feel" is always subjective. Even "backbone" is experienced differently and will depend on your experiences with many shaving brushes. 

G5 Synthetic Shaving Brush Knots

G5 Synthetic Shaving Brushes

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