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Wet Shaving for Women

Wet Shaving for Women

All Round Good Skin Health

Wet shaving with a good shaving soap moisturises and protects your skin.  

You’ll have much less razor burn, if not none at all, and fewer nicks and cuts. 
The practise of Wet Shaving itself will make you more aware of the products you use.

Economic Health

Using a double edged blade safety razor gives you an excellent shave.
It's possible to buy 100 quality blades for less than $20, thats roughly a years worth of blades for $20!!!

Environmental Health

Traditional wet shaving, even with a safety razor that has disposable blades produces much less waste than the plastic cartridge products you’ll find in the supermarket.  

A good quality safety razor will last you a long time.

The Natural products you use will also have a smaller environmental footprint than the chemical laden ones found in supermarkets.


Wet Shaving is fun, therapeutic and grounding.  

Your shave time can be transformed from a chore to some great "me time".
It is a very personal activity and I have heard many stories of why people find it enjoyable, from carrying on a family tradition, to managing PTSD, to meditation.
Wet Shaving can be a well placed punctuation to our hectic lifestyles, time to switch off and indulge in looking after oneself.


If you have not tried Wet Shaving before and are interested but a little apprehensive then fear not.

When the time is right for you you'll give it a go and the change will come easily.
Using a safety razor is easy, it just takes 2 or 3 goes to get your technique right.

Here are some Safety Razor suggestions for you:

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