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Titanium Shaving Brush - What the!

Titanium Shaving Brush - What the!

I really don't know where to start when talking about this brush. I have known OUMO for only a year now and worked closely with the man behind the wheel there. He is a truly creative man, that puts innovation ahead of everything else. He is constantly trying new things and developing new ideas and often I feel he gets lost in that creative process to his own detriment.

But then out pops another great product!
TiRANT Titanium Shaving Brush
LotusTip Knots are top quality Badger hair knots that are used by brush makers worldwide under various other names, Then Tyrant Shaving Knots and now this!

TiRANT Titanium Shaving BrushI've seen a lot of great looking brushes, there are many, but these have captured my eye more than any other.

TiRANT Titanium Shaving BrushAnodised GR5 (TC4) Titanium. Technically the titanium will always anodise naturally, but the process of anodisation fixes a thicker layer thats adds strength and corrosion resistance to the already tough titanium.

TiRANT Titanium Shaving Brush

The look is simply beautiful, I'm lost for words really.

A handle so stunning can only have one knot, the NEW Tyrant T-1. Hand selected, hand tied premium 2Band Badger knot that represents the pinnacle of master knot making.  

With the Tyrant T-1 knot we have called this amazing shaving brush the TiRANT (Ti is the Titanium in the periodic table). It is available in 2 handle shapes, the Compass and the VIP and in either 26mm & 28mm bulb or fan.

You can buy the TIRANT here