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Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Synthetic Shaving Brushes

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YAQI & OUMO are two of the most experienced shaving brush knot manufacturers in the world. With decades of knot mastery the quality of their Synthetics and Badger Hair brushes are well known worldwide. 

Their long established supply lines give them access to the highest quality stock & their experience and attention to detail guarantee you great products at a very competitive price.

Natural Hair & Synthetic Hair Shaving Brushes:

The Synthetic Brushes are:

Tuxedo Premium HD  Alpine Premium HD Mew Brown Premium HD Snow Leopard Premium HD Timber Wolf Premium HD Boss Premium HD Cashmere Premium HD Plisson Premium HD Pony Premium HD  Polar Premium HD  Mink Premium HD  G5

YAQI Premium HD Knots are a notch above all other Synthetics. YAQI's knots are denser, softer and set by hand to compliment the characteristics of both knot & handle. Synthetic hair is a relatively new material but is fast becoming accepted by all shavers as a more affordable alternative to natural hair.

All Synthetic Shaving Brushes

The Natural Hair Brushes are:

  1. High Mountain SilverTip

  2. SilverTip

  3. 2Band Badger LotusTip

  4. 2Band Badger

  5. Pure Badger

  6. Boar

These are the highest standards of Natural Shaving knots available. Natural hair is the traditional way shaving brushes are made and they are considered the best and most luxurious option. Badger Hair is sheared in the same way wool is from sheep.

All Natural Hair Shaving Brushes

shaving brush reviews

Shaving Brush Reviews

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