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Step by Step - Into the Hole I Fell

Step by Step - Into the Hole I Fell

The first time I shaved with a DE Shaver, I was just satisfied. I did not know that the Razor I had bought (Merkur Soligen Long Handle 23C) was a particularly good razor, actually I just selected that one because I am 6'3 and have big hands. Seemed like a good enough reason as any.
It was the first time I used Razor Blades and the company I had ordered from included a sample pack of blades. This was interesting and I worked my way through them and settled on the ASTRA Superior Platinum, a blade I later learnt is a favourite of many wet shavers.
Now at this point I did not take any notice of the brushes and creams, I thought they were overkill to be honest and I stuck with using supermarket shaving foam and sometimes just face wash.
Fast forward 2 years and I was still using the same razor, same blades, same face wash and I was very happy. But now my curiosity got the better of me, brushes, shaving cream....was it really that good?
I went online and got thoroughly confused looking a brushes, reading reviews etc. My only conclusion was that its a very personal thing. So I went and bought a tube of Proraso Shaving Cream to get me started.
No brush, just the cream. So now I have the DE Safety Razor, a good blade and some good cream. So I just face lather, applying the cream in my palm, bit of water and a lot of mess. BUT I liked it, the cream improved my shave no doubt about it.

Fast forward 3 more years, yep, still using the cream without a brush and 100% happy chappy I was, content, happy with my shaves and a BIG fan of wet shaving. I could not believe it took me this long to discover the proper way to shave.
But there was one last hurdle, the Brush.
I was on Aliexpress one day looking for other stuff and I came across the shaving gear there, I was surprised at the ranges on offer, and the prices were great. BUT it's China, you probably will not get what you ordered and the quality will be bad right? So I didn't buy. As time went on though I found myself revisiting and looking, reading reviews and comparing models and one brand stood out, YAQI. I read all the reviews there and decided to buy the cheapest brush they had. The YAQI Sagrada Familia 24mm Synthetic Tuxedo Knot.

Suddenly I was a boots and all-in wet shaving enthusiast, waiting for the postman to deliver and watching endless Youtube videos on how to lather a shaving brush. (special thx to Shaving With Rich Youtube Channel & his infamous THE BEST!!! and probably the last HOW TO LATHER VIDEO you will ever need to watch!!!.
The brush arrived, I lathered, I shaved and I smacked myself across the face. What had I been doing all this time? This is HEAVEN....At last I was doing it properly, well at least I had started using the right tools. 
fast forward one more year and here I am as distributer for YAQI in Australia & NZ. Needless to say I was very impressed with the brush and also in time the YAQI razors also. So my hope now is that I can assist other Aussie & Kiwi shavers to take a journey into wet shaving, or for those already there, I hope we can share our experiences and continue to enjoy this great Hobby/Routine/Habit/Past-time/Addiction.
David Richardson