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Safety Razors in 2021

Safety Razors in 2022

Safety Razors are not new, actually one could argue they are old as they first started being sold way back in the 1880's. But Safety Razors in 2021 offer the consumer a whole lot more than back in the day.

Firstly there are many materials to choose from, with the most common Safety Razors being made from either Brass or Steel you can also find Titanium and even 3D printed Safety Razors on the market. 

A trend at the moment is CNC milled Safety Razors. As the technology for CNC machines has advanced and become more affordable, along with 3D modelling programs, many smaller companies can now produce unique designed Safety Razors.

Secondly, is choice, especially with 3-Piece Safety Razors as these mostly share a common thread size (M5X0.8), allowing users to buy the safety razor handle and the safety razor head separately and create a pairing to suit their style.

This CHOICE factor is an expression of your style, which is very much what "wet shaving" is about. There are so many factors that can determine what the "perfect" safety razor setup is for you. So being able to change it up is an essential step in finding your perfect setup.