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Safety Razor Australia - Shave Style

Safety Razor Australia - Shave Style

A Safety Razor has been well proven to provide a better shave than disposable razors. There is enough content out there to study, youtube videos etc etc. We also know that a Safety Razor is a more economical choice in both both dollars spent and the impact of not using disposable plastic products.

So what else can a Safety Razor provide? CHOICE

That's right, our range of "3 piece" Safety Razors gives you the choice of what type of shave you prefer. 


Simple, the shave heads are interchangeable. So when you buy a Safety Razor you can also buy other shave heads, each has their own style of shave, from a nice gentle mild shave, to an aggressive shave.


Because we are all different, not only do we all have different skin and stubble, but we also have different shave habits. Some shave everyday, some once a week and some whenever they feel like it! All these reasons will change the optimum shave setup for you.


We currently have 11 different shave heads in our range, there are shave heads that take DE Razor blades, half DE Razor blades & also Artist Club Style Blades.
Within each type you can also find mild, medium & aggressive style heads.

So don't feel stuck with one choice, mix and match your shave head to suit your style.

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