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My favourite safety razor heads

My favourite safety razor heads

It's taken me nearly 3 years to settle on these choices. (which I'm sure will change again next year).

My Top 4 favourite shaving heads.
The why, the shave, the philosophy behind my choices.

In order of usage, with No.1 being the shave head that I use the most and No.4 the one that I use the least. Consider though, all 4 of these heads are different and each one has it's place.


Coming in at No.1!

Sc Shaving Head

SC Head - The SC "Scalloped Safety Bar Head"

For me the best all rounder and the one I shave with the most.  Great for anywhere up to 6 days growth, the SC Head is precise & efficient.
The Scalloped Safety Bar Head doesn't get clogged up with lather easily, I personally rinse, flip, shave, so each side gets rinsed twice between use. I chose the GOLD one because it looks a million dollars on my Stainless Steel EURO Safety Razor Handle.

Buy the SC Head

Safety Razors with the SC Head

My No.2

Mellon Shaving head

Mellon Head - Double Open Comb.

When working Mon to Fri, 9-5 and having to shave everyday I found the Mellon head the best shaving head choice.
Just 1 pass for me takes off enough to look clean shaved but without getting too close to the skin. I find thatwhen I shave daily I can easily get ingrown hairs so I prefer a not too close a shave. So this is my go to head when my growth is less than 3 days.

Buy the Mellon Head

Safety Razors with the Mellon Head

Ah, No.3

Se Shave Head

SE Head - Single Edge

The SE head takes a half DE blade.
This head keeps reminding me that technique is important. I can't be carefree like I can with the SC & Mellon Heads. Its great for super close shaves. I tend to reach for this when I have more time to shave, I make a big bowl of the slickest shave soap I have (something tallow based). Lock the bathroom door and enjoy.

My first choice for an SE Head though would be the NEW Raster head when it comes out. The extra length of the Artist Club blades make using a Single Edge Razor so much more enjoyable. It's also a step towards using a Shavette or Straight Razor which is my end game!

Buy the SE Head

Safety Razors with the SE Head

4th but by no means last

grill shaving head

GRILL - AKA the Destroyer of Beards

This one gets used when I have a week or more growth. It unapologetically kicks down the stubble and clears a path quicker than any of the other heads. Remember when tackling a full beard, start with scissors!!

It's also great for more regular shaving, it's aggressive in nature as the exaggerated cobbled safety bar allows a lot of blade exposure but that top grill accumulates lather and helps it glide across your face.

Buy the Grill Head

Safety Razors with a Cobbled Safety Bar Head

NOV 2021 Update:
The NEW YAQI Stainless Steel CNC Head arrived for testing. Read More


Razor Blades: My first choice blade is the ASTRA Superior Platinum. I find them to give a great consistent shave that suits my skin type and they are known to be very consistent in quality and size. When starting to wet shave I thought that sticking with one type of razor blade would be a good idea while I tried all the different heads. With so many variables to consider, sticking to one blade was a good idea. Now I know what shave I get from the shaving heads with the ASTRA blade. I sometimes pop a FEATHER razor blade in just for a challenge.

The M5 (5mm) thread on all of these shaving heads means it'll just about fit every mainstream 3-piece safety razor handle out there.

View All Safety Razor Heads

There you have it. I hope this helps someone decide what might be suitable for their shaves.

As I always try to remind myself, shaving is a very personal experience, what I experience will not be the same as most others. The joy of shaving is in discovering your perfect combinations.

Happy Shaves!!

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