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Learn to Use a Safety Razor and say goodbye to Plastic

Learn to Use a Safety Razor and say goodbye to Plastic

If you are here because you are looking for a good reason to switch from plastic multi bladed razors, then you've found it!

There are a few reasons why people look to switch but the most common two are:

1) You've been shaving so long now and never enjoyed it and thought there has to be a better way.
2) You are fed up every time you have to buy those very expensive cartridges and are thinking is there a better & cheaper way.

BOTH great reasons.

Using a Safety Razor:

First challenge is to get your head around using an all metal, weighted razor with a single, sharp blade in it. Yes, you have to handle the actual blade when changing blades, but you do have hair on your face, so you'll be old enough to figure that out safely, I trust you!

The main differences for you will be in your shaving technique. Shaving with a Safety Razor is all about "pressure" and "angle".

A Safety Razor is a lot heavier than your current razor, so hardly any pressure is required. Unlike your current razor that you likely push into your face a little to shave. The safety razors weight is enough to keep the blade close to your skin. Using an angle of roughly 30 degrees will give you the right starting point. 

Then it's all about time. Take you time and rediscover your beard using a safety razor. The end result will be worth it. You will likely find it a better way to shave and you will stop wasting money on cartridges. For example you can buy 100 DE razor blades for around $20.

There are many youtube videos to explain the finer techniques of shaving with a safety razor and you'll get great hints from them. But to start with, get yourself a good Shaving Brush, some slick Shaving Soap and you'll be well on the way to your first shave with a Safety Razor.

If at first you get a few nicks do not be put off, all good things take time and you will learn the technique that best suits you quickly. Shaving is a very individual thing so don't be afraid to develop your own style.

Buying a Safety Razor:

To start your wet shaving journey it is good to select a Safety Razor with a gentler head on it, one that isn't too aggressive or unforgiving. In time you can always just buy a new safety razor head for your safety razor if you find the one you bought isn't perfect for you.

Explore Safety Razors that are good for beginners.

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