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How to use a Shaving Brush

How to use a Shaving Brush

Knowing how to use a shaving brush is a key to both getting the perfect shave and enjoying your shave.

Shaving is a meditation. And as a general rule, it takes time. But, because it's time invested in you, it is worth it.

Apart from your razor the Shaving Brush spend s the most time in contact with your face. So knowing how to use your shaving brush & which shaving brush to use is important.

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So what are the main reasons for using a Shaving Brush? There are many. It will help exfoliate & soften your skin and prepare your beard for shaving by raising your whiskers. A shaving brush loaded with shaving cream provides an extremely lubricated surface for your razor.

Here’s our quick guide on how to use a shaving brush. Remember though, shaving is a very personal thing, everyone has their way of doing it and there are no hard & fast rules, rather suggestions from experience.

Wet your shaving brush. 

Start by running some luke warm water into the sink. No need to keep the water running, use the plug and just get a couple of inches of water in there, enough to submerge your brush. After a few minutes, take it out and flick off the access water.

wet your shaving brushwet your shaving brush
Load your Brush. 

Grab your favourite shaving soap/cream of choice and load up the damp brush. If your shaving soap is in a tub, simply massage the brush onto the top of the soap. Hard soaps take a little more work, soft soap will be picked up easily. If it's in a tube, then simply squeeze a toothpaste amount into the brush bristles.

load your shaving brush

Now your brush is LOADED!

Work into a lather. 
Now there are two distinct ways to do this.
1. In a bowl
Using circular motions, work the brush around the bottom of the shaving bowl. If you’re not getting the desired amount of lather, simply add a bit more water to the brush, just a few drops at time. Take your time here. Bowl lathering slowly will build a thick, slick shining lather. Once you've created a bowl of lather apply to your face/beard area ready for shaving. A splash of water on the face first will help.

2. On your face
A splash of water on the face first will help, then, using circular motions, work the brush around your beard area. Spread it around pressing into your face to get some friction between your skin and your brush. Once covered add a dab of water to your brush and go again. Now you will start to see the lather build. Spread it around evenly, keeping your mouth and nose clear for easy breathing.


Hopefully you have complimented your choice of shaving brush with a new Safety Razor. The best way to fully enjoy your shaving experience.

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Rinse the Shaving Brush. 

Both Synthetic Shaving Brushes & Badger Hair Shaving Brushes require rinsing after use. A Badger Hair, or any Natural Hair Brush, does require a little more care however. Be gentle with the bristles when cleaning, do not for example scrub them on a towel. Flick dry or a squeeze in the hand is recommended. Then hang them upside down in a shaving stand to dry. Viola!!


Using a shaving brush will quickly become a super enjoyable part of your shaving ritual. You'll love it and your skin will love it. 

Quick note about time.

Face Lathering is likely to be the quicker of the two methods. If you have to shave regularly for work and are time poor in the mornings, then a quick face lather will work great. Bowl lathering is somewhat more of an indulgence. Take your time, build a wicked lather and enjoy the moment. Man Time ;-)


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