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Gold Dollar Straight Razors

Gold Dollar Straight Razors

Gold Dollar Straight Razors have been around for many a year. Well known for their simple, inexpensive straight razors. Nothing fancy here, just a well made piece of steel with cheap scales and a price tag that'll tempt the tightest of pockets.

So why choose a Gold Dollar Straight Razor?

The unavoidable truth of straight razor shaving is that YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO SHARPEN the razor yourself. If this is something you do not want to do then straight razor shaving is probably not for you. Yes, you can send it away to be honed but that is not really an ideal work flow.

Gold Dollar Straight Razors come "Factory Shave Ready" this is a slightly misleading term as they are likely not ready to shave with unless you have very lightweight stubble. So you will need to learn how to hone and strop. The beauty of Gold Dollar Straight Razors is that the steel is good quality and certainly good enough for you to learn on and produce a super sharp edge. But if you make a bad mistake, you haven't just ruined a $200 razor, you can practice, make mistakes, reset the bevel and go again without loosing a whole lot of money.

The main difference in the models is simple. There are two elements, the blade and the scales (handle) The cheaper plastic handles cost less, the wooden shaped handles cost more. The higher quality the steel the more cost.

Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel

  • Carbon steel Straight Razors will hold their sharpness for more uses than a stainless steel Straight Razor.
  • When sharpened Carbon Steel Straight Razors can achieve a sharper edge than stainless steel Straight Razors.
  • Carbon steel is more susceptible to rust and staining than stainless steel.
  • Carbon Steel is slightly quicker to hone and strop.

 Some great links to Youtubers showing how to hone a Gold Dollar razor.


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