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Best Shaving Brush - 2021

Best Shaving Brush - 2022

So you are looking for the Best Shaving Brush?
Our selection of shaving brushes is a result of many years of research, customer feedback and testing. It also takes into account budget, as we believe a great shaving brush can be bought at a great price. For this reason we include two major brands in our selection; YAQI & OUMO. These brands also make shaving brushes for many of the top brands that you will pay a lot more for.
YAQI excel at Synthetic Shaving brushes & OUMO excel at handmade shaving brush handles and 2Band Badger Knots.

Number 1 on our list:

The YAQI MOKA Shaving Brush is available in both Synthetic & Two band Badger Shaving Bruchversions. However it is the simple retro brown handle that seems to hit the spot with this one. A traditional shaped handle thats easy to grip and looks great. Excellent value for money.

Number 2 on our list:

Number 3 on our list:

The OUMO Brush Range is fantastic and the range of LOTUSTIP knots is consistently first class, so any of the OUMO LotusTip Shaving Brushes should be considered excellent value for money.

Number 4 on our list:

Number 5 on our list:

Number 6 on our list: